Just a little Monday wine fun…

Mondays are always a bit interesting. The unknown of the weekend gives them an unknown quality. Never has this been more true than today. After dodging downed tree limbs and trunks just to get back to Eastchester to be the great employee that I am, I still had no clue how I was going to get to work. Turns out, Metro North was down so I hung out at one of our branches in Scarsdale and got shit done.

So what to do after a fun, rather reactive and productive day? Go hang out with some wine of course!

Considering only wine lovers can appreciate pictures of inanimate objects, I thought I’d post a couple from today’s visit to Zachys. On a fun side note, I’ve been ordering wine from Zachys for 5 years; however it took me 4 months of living 5 miles away to figure out it was just down the road.

Latour & Me...just like Marley & Me but way better

Of all the wines in their rare wine room, I wanted to pick up the biggest and best. There was a salmanazar (9L) of Charles Ellner Cuvee du Reserve, but that only costs around $1k. Then I saw the one I wanted, but the gentleman working suggested otherwise. “Why don’t you take a picture with that one instead?”  Inside I thought, “because I want to hold the bottle of the ’05 Latour that costs $25,000, not the ’06 Latour that only costs $7,600.” But I relented. Simply put, you know you’re cool when a $7,600 bottle of Latour actually devalues you.

Down payment on a house or bottle of wine?

The next picture is for all of you that have wondered what a 9 liter bottle of Cheval Blanc looks like. Well now you know. And for all of you doing the math at home, that’s roughly 61 glasses of wine, pretty flippin’ sweet! Notice the pricetag yet? No need to adjust your TV folks, that’s $15,000. Maybe when I get my bonus I can put it on lay-away.

Next time I’m there I’ll get my damn picture taken with the ’05 Latour, oh yes I will!



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4 responses to “Just a little Monday wine fun…

  1. Mike Rassmusen

    That’s some good juice, but too rich for my blood. Love the Cab Franc/Merlot blend of Cheval. It’s been years, however I still remember the last encounter as if it was yesterday.

    Fun times!

  2. I am jealous to say the least. I’ve had a couple vintages of each of the 1st Growths; however haven’t had any of the best of the Right Bank. All in due time I guess! Cheers – E

  3. Randy

    That’s a big ass bottle, but for $7,600?! Ouch that’s steep. What makes that wine so great to cost that much?

    • Randy,

      Yup, big ass bottle and damn heavy! The contents of which are from one of the most in demand Chateau in all of France. The other thing driving the price is the fact that this wine will likely age for 20-30 years in the case of the ’06. Thus large demand + greatly diminishing supply over a long period of time. The price you have to pay for truly amazing juice (plus don’t forget that you’re getting 6L if it!).


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