The Wine World: WINNING & Losing

The Grand WINNER or The Grand LOSER...only time will tell. All we know is that he loves wine (and coke).

In honor of the great thespian turned whack-job (or genius, I’m not sure) Charlie Sheen, I thought it only appropriate to apply his most sacred mantra “WINNING” to the wine world’s great developments, obviously to be coupled with “LOSING” when so appropriate.

This also gives me the opportunity to express my opinions on a few recent topics that have been on my mind, yet I haven’t had the time to write about. Enjoy the musings…anything I missed?


BBC America – Thank you for pairing up Top Gear’s James May and Wine Legend Oz Clarke for a new Americanized adaptation to Britain’s Oz and James’ Drink to Britain. James May’s Big Adventure is a show that combines fine wine (and the refinement of Clarke) with cool cars (and crazy antics and quirkiness that May provides). The show airs Monday, March 23rd at 10:20 immediately following the season finale of Top Gear. We all win!

Maynard James Keenan – The TOOL front man turned winemaker has taken the wine world by storm when he captured our attention with the 2009 documentary “Blood into Wine” which chronicles winemaking in Northern Arizona. Recently, the film won “Best Feature Documentary” at the 2011 Trail Dance Film Fest. For those of you who are asking TOOL?! Yes, the same TOOL that brought you such songs as Stinkfist and Prison Sex. See mom, there is hope for your son!

Harvey Steiman – The Wine Spectator contributor has really picked up his game. I applaud him as he has recently been focusing attention towards the epidemic of ignorance that surrounds restaurant wine lists.

Mike D – The legendary Beastie Boy and brother of Screech has decided to build on his passion for wine by blogging about it for James Suckling’s new website (the actual site requires a paid subscription). A great period for musicians and wine, keep it coming!

William Koch & Zachys – A little over a month ago, the little kid with the ball decided to play. Bill Koch took the high road and accepted Zachys offer for reparations and, it’s assumed, to update the disclaimer in their auction catalogues moving forward. Better not sell him counterfeit wines again!


QVC & Sunbeam – On the recall of 159,000 Skybar Air Pump Wine Openers after they have caused numerous injuries. Maybe you should create and offer products that actually work and don’t break bottles when opening them. The goal is to open the bottle, not the person holding it!

People who purchased the above mentioned opener – Is a corkscrew really that difficult? Plus, who buys wine accessories from QVC anyway?!

Wine Spectator – We get it, you like Justin Smith and Saxum. We don’t blame you; however two features within only a few months seem a bit much. Realizing that there are other amazing wine producers outside of those that have appreciated out of the reach of the masses is important. Let’s find the next Saxum, how about that?! I have a few recommendations.

‘Nuff Said!


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